Louth Counselling & Psychology Services

Face-to-Face, Online, and Telephone Counselling Options Available

We wish to highlight the option of online technology to support prospective clients who wish to avail of psychotherapy but find themselves having to engage in social distancing or in some instances self-isolation as a result of the current Covid-19 pandemic.

We currently have face-to-face clients we are working with who will now receive ongoing support during this particularly difficult time through our online platform. Our preferred platform for online counselling is Skype as it is one of a number of platforms recommended by our accrediting body.

Please contact Dr. Francis McGivern (0879736417) or Ms. Ger Minogue (0866090273) via mobile or using the contact form above for further information.


“Dedicated to your health and wellbeing”

Financing of Sessions

We are very conscious of the financial implications that come with investing in psychotherapy support. If you have private health insurance you may be able to claim back some of the costs incurred, depending on your health plan. If you have private health insurance, contact your insurer to find out if and how much counselling psychology/ psychotherapy/ mental health they cover for you. Receipts for therapy sessions attended are available upon request for the purposes of tax returns/medical expenses.


Legal Work

We are first and foremost a psychotherapeutic practice providing psychological counselling on a one to one basis. As our focus is on the therapeutic work that we undertake, it is the policy of the practice that we do not engage in legal work including drafting letters, court reports or attending as professional witnesses. To that end, we would suggest as an alternative that individuals access a service which has expertise in this area through their General Practitioner and/or the Psychiatry profession, who can provide ‘Medico-legal’ reports that cover diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis.

Should it arise during the course of our work with clients that this is warranted, we shall endeavour to, with his/her consent, refer the client to a specialist in the medico-legal area.