Has Your Partner Attempted Suicide?

“Exploring the Impact of Uncompleted Suicide on Partners”. This research was completed in 2014. See below for more details.


Francis has completed research exploring the lived experience of individuals whose partners have attempted suicide. That is, what is it like to continue to live with and relate to your partner following his/her suicide attempt? He would like to thank those individuals who participated in this unique research as it will raise awareness amongst the public and professionals of the impact of an uncompleted suicide on partners in particular.

Rationale for the Study:

Much of the literature on suicidology, the study of suicide, suicide prevention, and suicidal behaviour to date has highlighted those who attempt suicide, with very little focus on the impact on partners. The main aims of the study, therefore, are:

  1. To explore the lived experience of living with a partner following uncompleted suicide; and
  2. To examine the meaning that partners attribute to an uncompleted suicide and the significance of these meanings for their everyday lives. The objectives of the study are to elucidate any meaning that individuals ascribe to any symptomatology experienced in reaction to the critical incident; to describe any meaning that individuals ascribe to the relationship following the attempt; and to explore any meaning that individuals ascribe to resilience following the attempt.

How the Research was Conducted:

Participants were invited to take part in an audio-recorded semi-structured interview of approximately 60-90 minutes duration at a medical centre or at another location convenient to the participant. Prior to the interview they were provided with information explaining the aims of the research and interview format as well as an Informed Consent Form that they were required to sign prior to commencement of the interview.The research was conducted over the course of 2012 and 2013.

Inclusion Criteria:

  1.  Over 18yrs
  2. Living together in a relationship experienced by the participant to be an established, meaningful, and significant one at the time of the attempt.(You are still eligible to participate if you have since separated).
  3. Partner/spouse made a first time non-fatal suicide attempt.
  4. The attempt was made at least 6 months ago.

Exclusion Criteria:

  1. Individuals whose partners have made multiple attempts (more than one) to take his/her life.
  2. Individuals who have experienced suicide attempts by significant others or by partners in previous relationships.

Ethical Approval: The Study was approved by the Research Ethics Committee at Dublin City University.

For More Information please contact Francis by email: or alternatively by telephone: 087-9736417 to discuss the research further.