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Gender Dysphoria

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Dr. Francis McGivern is providing therapeutic support for Gender Dysphoria.


Gender dysphoria occurs where a person feels that they are living within a body of the wrong sex. People may be more familiar with similar terms such as:

  • gender identity disorder
  • gender incongruence
  • transgenderism

A person with gender dysphoria may:

  • experience anxiety, uncertainty and persistently uncomfortable feelings about the gender that they were born with;
  • believe that their gender identity is different from their anatomical sex (for example, a man with gender dysphoria will feel that he is more female than male even though he was born with the anatomy of a man).

Psychological support for gender dysphoria aims to help people make sense of and become content with their gender identity.


Group Support Available

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Group support is open to anyone who would like to give and receive support from like-minded people concerned with maintaining psychological and emotional wellbeing. Connecting with others in a safe and confidential setting can benefit self esteem; coping & resilience; thinking styles; and communication. Two groups currently run: an adult support group and a group dedicated to adolescents. Group numbers are small and there is no pressure to actively participate. Groups are facilitated by Dr. Francis McGivern on Saturday mornings.

A small fee is required to cover room rental and refreshments. To enquire about becoming a member of a group feel free to contact Francis (Mob. 087 9736417), or use the contact form provided.

Has Your Partner Attempted Suicide?

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“Exploring the Impact of Uncompleted Suicide on Partners”. This research was completed in 2014. See below for more details.
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